skmarshall and the Little Band

I like to play with a band... bass, drums, keyboards, and everything. In fact I do play in a couple of "real bands" - Throwback to the 60s and The Change, currently. However, I like to play a LOT, and that means weekends and weeknights in restaurants and small taverns.

Search as I might, I can't find a bass player, drummer and keyboardist that will learn all the hundreds of songs that I want to sing, play them just the way I want them to night after night, and do it all for a fourth share of the pay that a restaurant or small bar can afford...

Are you surprised? Me neither.

But I have a recording studio in my home, and I can play the parts I want (given enough tries.)

And so, more than 30 years ago, the Little Band was born, and I've been teaching them new songs every week since then. They started out in a Mac SE30 and moved from one computer to another until now they live in an iPad Air - along with the lyric sheets I can't play without, now that I have an advanced case of CRS*.

One of the first backing tracks I ever recorded was Pretty Woman. It still works!

I hope you come out and hear me play... and I hope you have as much fun as I'm having. I'm happy with what I'm hearing and I hope you will be too, it's ALL ME!


*the dreaded "Can't Remember, umm - Stuff

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