Technical Consulting

If your computer behaves in unexpected ways, or if there is a project or software program you'd like some help with, I'm happy to come to you and work with you on your system.

Books and classes are quite useful, but sometimes the system settings on your home computer won't match the settings used in the classroom or in the book, making even identical software programs behave very differently. This confusion can create enough frustration to result in the dreaded "Flying Computer Syndrome" which is embarrasing, costly, and potentially dangerous to innocent folk who may be passing below your window.


Take no chances! When frustration levels mount, give me a call and we'll get you and your computer on friendly terms again.

I just like computers. I am equally comfortable with Windows (PC Compatible) and the Macintosh operating system, and have no axes to grind either way...

Tech Support and lessons are priced reasonably at $30 for a one hour session. Sometimes travel time needs to be taken into account, but for non-emergency appointments in the Worcester County area it is usually free.

Call anytime at 774-232-0668

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