Lou and Jan Borelli have been working as a musical duo in the Worcester area since 1980. They were formerly known as “Hi-Lites”, but that group has now become a trio called “Mixed Grille”. Lou and Jan are now simply called “Lou and Jan”. Their repertoire includes a vast library of ethnic tunes as well as a collection of show tunes, jazz standards, sing-a-longs, Latin songs, polkas, etc. The strolling ability of this duo makes them a perfect choice for intimate gatherings : small parties, restaurants, senior functions, etc. Lou and Jan also play for ceremonial occasions, such as church services, weddings, funerals, etc. They can play in church or outside on the lawn, in your living room or in your back yard.

Jan plays accordion and keyboard and Lou plays trumpet, flugel horn, trombone, clarinet, sax, flute and he also sings. Lou and Jan encourage the audience to sing and dance if the occasion is appropriate. Audiences generally remark about the versatility of such a small band. Although Borelli Music offers a wide variety of bands of all sizes and styles, the “Lou and Jan” duo remains the most popular entertainment package.