Welcome to BorelliMusic.com!

Lou and Jan Borelli have been musicians for their whole lives and value the importance of music in the lives of everyone. "Music is everything and without music, you have nothing" describes the attitude which governs the lives of this couple. They are dedicated to the preservation of live music in this computer age of electronic sound.

Teaching young people to appreciate the creative process involved in playing jazz and to expose them to the great jazz and classical musicians is the goal of Borelli Music from the teacher's point of view.

From the performer's point of view, the communication between the musician and the audience and between the musicians on stage is the most uplifting and satisfying experience when the musicians are in synch with each other and are in the groove. This is the goal of the performing groups from Borelli Music.

Borelli Music Packages

Because our many customers have so many different entertainment and educational needs, we provide a wide range of musical productions we call Borelli Music Packages. From the Lou Borelli Big Band with seventeen or more musicians, to solo appearances, to one-on-one lessons, there is a musical solution from Borelli Music for almost any event, venue or student.

A page with a comprehensive listing of all the things we do is here.

Audio Clips!

We now are putting up short samples from our various recordings here. Just added: The Lou Borelli Octet, and A Touch of Brass!

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