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MM modified get Up, Sit up Bosu Ball Dumbell Crunch

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Tips and Tweaks from the Pro Shop:
A hybrid type of intermediate-advanced abdominal exercise that combines the use of a bosu ball and a unilateral dumbell getup-situp that has been widely used and seen in the kettlebell world. Actually, it's the situp part of that exercise. Starting position is the athlete/client supine on the bosu with the lumbar spine supported , yet obtaining a stretch in the abs. The dumbell is held directly up over the chest, locked out. The chin is up towards the ceiling, the opposite arm is out to the side for counter balance. The exercise is initiated by contracting the abs, not by moving either arm forward, or by moving the head. At the top of the movement the abs should be contracted firmly with a pause, along with the dumbell being pushed towards the ceiling allowing for a load for the shoulder, and a awesome stretch for the shoulder and pec region.


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